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1.1. National subdivisions - Curacao

Metabolism of Islands
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- How do I delete and/or edit earlier uploading attempts? :)
- Is it correct that in this new system the map will not appear but is just here as an external link?

Hi Cleo,

Sorry that it's been a while --- we've been busy setting up a documentation and instruction system around this. I believe you've already seen it as well but in any case here is an online course with full instructions for every layer. We will also be embedding these videos in each of the sublayers to provide instant video instructions as well.

Coming back to your questions...

  • You can now delete them by opening the item, and locating the DELETE button in the left column, underneath the general details

  • It is correct that a map doesn't show up immediately. There is a "processing" step involved in which we load all items on the map. However, if you upload the shapefile correctly then the system will create a sample image based on this shapefile ( can take up to an hour, see announcement here).

I recommend you have a look at these video instructions around shapefiles -- I noticed in the currently uploaded records the actual files aren't yet attached so that would have to be done before they can be processed.

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