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A place for all your questions and thoughts on the main page and how we can make things better, things you might want to see in the future or anything related to Metabolism of Cities as an organisation

Front page: Who's the target audience? People who know about UM already or not?

For me personally, the homepage is great if it's intended for contributors. It gets down to business straight away. If we want to reach anyone else, perhaps having a sister site .com or without the subsite 'new' or 'education' etc is better?

With the existing site (, being rudely blunt: I am thoroughly sick of seeing so-called inspirational quotes like "Cities are where the struggle for global sustainability will either be won or lost". So what? Who cares? How does that help me? It is implied that ... I think ... we are doing something with cities? I think the landing page should have something already explaining the term. Maybe a gif or infographic about how a city is like a cell or a bug or a little monster who needs to eat and poop and we want to take care of our little monster without it devouring us.
Maybe a little movie like this company does?

Hey Bernelle or shoud I say indiebio. Very very good questions.

We do need to do a better job on this and I think the answer is both. The idea is that we want to accelerate the uptake of UM. So the audience is both. Convince new people to use the concept but also to make sure that we collaborate with people already using the concept in order to gain always better insights.

Does that make sense?

And yes be rudely blunt. I do agree our previous homepage added some extra "beautification" steps that did not necessarily help to collaborate faster.

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